six big ideas,

six methods for service & organisational design

Sustainable business:   balancing your ecosystem

Greater than the user:   thinking about all stakeholders

Principles root design:   choosing which principles matter

We are responsible:        anticipating consequences

You never get it all:          making trade-offs

Test everything:                testing for ethical impact

Behind each of these ideas we offer a practical method to design services and organisations.  



What is

It started with AI originated from our work in AI (, which is full of ethical issues.  We realised that we needed an enhanced form of Design Thinking that considered issues beyond the user. 


We run intensive training sessions with clients to enable in their teams.

We adapt to context: one client's is not necessarily another's.  


It is simply the design challenge of our time.  We think of it in two ways.  The first is designing to minimise environmental impact. The second is in terms of sustainable strategies - inclusive strategies that will not result in sudden course corrections.


A profound change in business economics is underway.  It revolves around how we measure costs.

Our job is simple: it is to help clients deliver profits through sustainable business economics.   


designing work returns with

We didn't conceive with this in mind, but...


The ideas in the methodology lend themselves well to the current demands of designing returns to work, that balance the interests of stakeholders.  

There are some good examples of well-designed processes emerging, and others that are not worth mentioning. 

We've resisted the temptation to try and do a generic design.  That approach would likely fail.  Instead, we've developed an extensive checklist of factors for design teams to consider.  

The only thing we guarantee with this document is that it's incomplete, but it will help your team think through this complex process. 


is your design

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